About Us – The Buyer Process

Our program is broken into TWO components:

Bad credit is the key reason why most people are stuck into renting. We are one of the few developers that focuses on turning renters into buyers by overcoming the bad credit hurdle. Our program is in-house and no worries, if we have a qualified, willing client, homeownership will be a reality!

1. HALO America (Homeowners Assistance Lease Option)

HALO America was spawned in 2008 during the sub prime mortgage crisis from the company formerly known as Credit Evolution and Development. It is a bridge for home-ownership program that is catered to the masses stuck renting due to credit challenges. HALO America has branded a state-of-the-art process to bolster credit-challenged renters and grant them access to the real estate market.
  • HALO is a 90-120 day bridge buying program that creates a new way to develop the housing market! We start with the end-buyer rather than starting with the piece of land.
  • HALO America is the only developer whose main focus extends beyond current building projects and focuses on qualifying those who are credit-challenged. HALO America aggressively addresses clients’ credit concerns and can convert such clients to creditworthy home-buyers in less than six months.
  • HALO America’s customer base is diverse and encompasses a wide rage of ethnic backgrounds and income levels. Most clients earn between $40,000-$70,000, have an average credit score of 540-560, and pay an average of $750-$1100 per month for rent.

It is a requirement to enroll in our credit partner program for you to be in the HALO program.

**To see if you qualify for HALO – PLEASE CLICK HERE.**

2. Credit Evolution and Development’s Forensic Credit Auditing Program

Started in 2002, this program has helped thousands of people over come credit difficulties. CED works direct with mortgage companies to insure that your credit score and report will qualify you for a mortgage.
Our partner’s credit program has made it possible for HALO America to buy homes for credit-challenged individuals. Their program is quite different than a “Credit Repair” operation. They are a specialized team of individuals exclusive to HALO that performs actual audits on your credit reports. (Experian, Transunion, Equifax). What is rarely taught to the public is that not only credit bureaus have to be compliant to federally given rights that you have but also creditors and collections agencies and any company that reports information whether positive or negative!

Credit Repair vs. Forensic Credit Auditing

EXAMPLE: You owe a hospital bill which the hospital charges off and assigns it to a collection agency. The collection agency states that you owe them money and reports a collection account on your credit report with the credit bureaus. The typical credit repair agency would dispute to the bureaus and wait the required 30 days and if there was no response it would be deleted.
On the other hand, a forensic credit auditing agency would notify the bureaus, the hospital, and the collection agencies, they would check with the Secretary of State for licensing, statute of limitation, HIPPA, and about 6 other federal laws that are in place to protect your rights. They understand credit scoring and provide our analysts at HALO America the necessary steps you need to take to improve your scores drastically.
Our credit partners do not market to the general public. They work exclusively with clients that are buying a home and they communicate directly with our HALO customer service department. They are compensated for their time but they have an added incentive to see your home purchase occur because they also share a fraction of the investor profit!
Enrollment in the credit program is mandatory since forensic auditing is specialized. We do not work with any other credit companies.

*To see testimonials and endorsements for our credit repair partners, please view the videos below: