Overview Of Our Process:

HALO buyer contacts the office

The customer contacts us because of either attending a seminar or because of one of our various advertisements.

HALO buyer indicates interest in owning a home through our program.
  • Telephone interview is scheduled with prospective buyer and all decision makers
  • Enroll in Credit Auditing Program
  • HALO applicant is notified via email or mail if approved
  • HALO applicant & Real Estate Analyst gather documents for their future loan
  • Mortgage company per-qualifies HALO buyer
  • Receipt option fee (goes into escrow until offer is accepted on property)
  • Assign realtor if credit score meets minimum requirements and begin process to locate approved property or lot
  • Once desired property is located an offer is made and escrow is released and assigned to a Real Estate Investor with all necessary contract signed
  • Rehab team evaluates property and accesses work needed* (Rehab is limited to cosmetic repairs)
  • Rehab team, Real Estate investor, and Halo management team have budget meeting
  • Real Estate investor goes participates in property closing and rehab or construction begins*
  • HALO Buyer pays a lease that is approximately the future mortgage amount
  • When HALO Buyer’s credit score qualifies for a 30 year non-subprime fixed loan, the property is purchased and the new HALO buyer becomes a new homeowner

* = If necessary per FHA guidelines