Seller Program Intro (Pt 1/2)

Finally, a program that will allow the frustrations of selling a house to vanish and create a win-win between you and your future home buyer.

• Our program is designed to allow a short-term lease option for up to 6 months for someone to buy your house.
• You will be guaranteed to get the appraised value for your house.
Receive rent payments for the time they are leasing the property that would include paying the mortgage, property taxes, utilities, insurance, for the future purchase price (appraised value).
• Our program has a future buyer non-refundable 3.5% option fee based upon Fair Market Value price that insures that you have a serious buyer that has already financially pre-qualified for your house.
• We have almost a decade of experience of overcoming your future buyer’s credit obstacles, to insure that you will have a fast settlement.
• We only get our success fee if we can get a mortgage commitment within the 6-month period.
80% of our clients will have a mortgage commitment in 60 days!
• You will have a transparent web-based portal to allow you to know your client’s status in real time.

**To find out the requirements for the seller program, CLICK HERE**