Fix and Flip

Seller (Fixer-Upper Program)

Would you like to sell your house but it is in need of repairs or you have a tenant interested in buying the house they live in?

How would you like to work with HALO to get top dollar for your house?

• HALO issues a contract between you and HALO for negotiated of desired cash wanted to walk away with
• HALO advertises your property (N/A if tenant occupied)
• HALO locates an investor
• HALO investor pays for all renovations and repairs

Example Scenario:

You have property that has outdated kitchen, need of carpet, paint, new bathrooms, heating system won’t pass code inspection to sell property you do not have the funds to repair and replace these items and want to sell your house to your tenant.
You want $60,000 for the house, needs about $20,000 worth of repairs, the house is valued at about $100,000. Your tenant has stable job, good income, great rental history but they have challenged credit so they cannot qualify for a loan.


HALO has a contract for you to walk away with $60,000, HALO will find investor that pays for all renovations, HALO works with your tenant in the program and within 6 months, you go to closing and receive your agreed terms. You receive rent while this process takes place. You retain ownership the entire time. HALO covered the taxes (up to 12 months), title insurance, mortgage and attorney fees, and closing costs up to 6% for your current tenant or future home buyer.