Our HALO Client Testimonials

“Mario’s expertise is fantastic! He helped me craft an amazing plan to correct some credit issues. He is honorable and trust worthy.”
~Alexis J. of Sacramento, CA
“Halo America is the first name that comes to mind as a reference for any type of credit issues. They have helped me with various credit issues in the past. I do not hesitate to recommend friends and family that are in need of help. We have received the highest quality of professionalism, prompt and honest service.
Thanks again Halo!! Continue your great success and thank you for striving to help those in need of positive financial direction!!”
~V R. of North Brunswick Township, NJ
“I highly recommend HALO, they bought me a house and helped me overcome a huge credit issue when my divorce finalized last year. I thought I would have to rent for 7 years while my credit was poor. My friend told me about HALO and I was moving into the house their realtors showed me in less than 90 days. I thought their workers did a decent job and they gave me a home warranty which luckily I haven’t had to use. Folks you have to work with the company. There was a lot of responsibility on my part but they will do what they said they would.”
~Sherman J. of Pitman, NJ
“Halo was able to restore my credit not once but twice. I was renting a 2 bedroom home and was able to purchase a 4 bedroom house for me and my family through Halo. I have dealt with halo and the owner for years and have had no issues… I have no problems getting a hold of the staff nor the owner if needed. I would recommend them to anyone.”
~Tony H. of Philadelphia, PA
“Last year I was living in an apartment and trying to pay down old debt when I came across the Halo site. Mario and his team were able to put together a plan to get my credit back on track, and I just moved into my new place in NE Philly last week. 5 stars for Halo America!”
~Karen L. of Lumberton, NJ
“I heard them on the radio last year and went to their seminar in Willingboro, NJ. I was very skeptical about them buying me a house, I followed what they told me and they did, my credit was in the tank due to some poor decisions I made. My credit score increased 120 points in the program they did an excellent job on my renovations. They featured my property on their web site in the before an after section. I didn’t like some of the staff that was there previously, I think they were all fired or something because I noticed there were some friendly ladies who have been the best. This program saved me from paying my idiotic landlord any more of my hard earned money! They are no nonsense but fair and I now have a better appreciation for my credit.”
~Sharon S. of Willingboro, NJ
They did very professional work on my property, I did ask for some upgrades which they charged me the difference but the appraiser said during my appraisal that the work quality was pretty good. I didn’t come to them for that, I have been renting for 14 years paying close to $1,000 a month. Credit was lousy, listened to their radio ad, I did what they told me and they bought be a house!! No one was helping me and they did.”
~Harry S. of Lumberton, NJ

**To read our CEO’s response letter to the negative reviews/testimonials from the Yelp site, please CLICK HERE.**