Words from the CEO, Mario Henry

It has come to my attention that we have some negative reviews on a web site named Yelp. We do not know who the individual was that posted the negative information about us. We do not believe that he has ever been a client of ours. We tried to have Yelp authenticate the alleged client and they refused. They did, however, post our response to the client, but terminated our account with Yelp after we voiced our dissatisfaction with the way several of our positive reviews were being filtered. It appears (allegedly) to be a common business practice of Yelp; just do a Google search for “Yelp filtered reviews” or “Yelp filtered my reviews” and you will see that we (unfortunately) are not the only company with this issue.
Sadly, we have no way now to respond to any disgruntled former employee or competitor that may want to hurt our reputation by posting fake negative reviews.
Every property we acquire for our clients has an agreement in place before we buy the property that explains what repairs will be done to the house. When you get your home, you will have your mortgage company have an inspection done on your property to make sure that it is of the highest standards before they will insure the property. Our company will only do repairs that are mandated by FHA and do upgrades that will enhance the value of the house within our budget.
We take great pride in our work and go through great lengths to make it possible for you to own your own house and want a fair platform to voice our concerns. We look forward to helping you achieve the dream of homeownership.
Mario Henry
HALO America